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Male-Female Differences March 20, 2009

Posted by ethnicgenome in Sex Differences.
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Women aren’t the same as men. It does not make them worse, but equality does not mean being identical. Women are different from men. Women will never win as many Nobel Prizes as men, become leaders in the same numbers, be able to navigate as well or be as strong as men.

The whole idea of men and women being identical is based on ignorance. It fails to ask why there are two sexes in the first place.

Evolution put different pressures on men and on women. Men had to hunt and fight wars. As late as the 1940s, most European men fought in the bloodiest war of all time. Even today, many countries have mandatory military service for men.

For men – hunters and fighters – being big and strong meant greater odds of survival. For women, on the other hand, being big meant needing to consume more calories for absolutely no benefit. Men too consumed more calories due to their size, but that size had a specific use that helped them survive and acquire food.

A big, strong woman with fast metabolism (estrogen slows down metabolism, while testosterone speeds it up) placed not only herself in danger, but everyone around her: the husband, the children, even the village/tribe. She would consume resources that would no longer be available for others.

A woman therefore needed to be just big enough to help with physical work (such as on a family farm or doing housework), but without being big enough to wrestle wild predators and Special Forces soldiers.

Women also faced additional reproductive pressures. For a woman to have wide hips meant an ability to give birth. For a man, it meant not being able to run as well.

The same is true for brain functions. Men are better at some things and women at other. Men have bigger brains, even after controlling for size. Women have better wired brains.

Women developed better multi-tasking skills because they needed it to take care of their 5-12 children.

For men, such a skill would be detrimental and it was instead necessary to learn to concentrate on one thing at a time. Multitasking in battle got you killed. Concentrating not only gave you better odds of surviving, but also helped your whole army, tribe and even country.

This ability to focus on one thing and to stick with the same goal for a long time leads men to be more successful. A Nobel Prize winner or a great inventor must usually obsessively focus on one thing until he develops and perfects it. There are to be no other goals, needs or desires that would interfere with the one and only important thing in a person’s life.

There are many other differences. Almost nothing about men and women is the same. Whether its the size of a person’s hands, density of bones, intelligence, susceptibility to disease. None of these are absolutely, but you can definitely see the average.

Feminists reading this will claim that I am male chauvinist. But feminists are exactly the ignorant people I was talking about.