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Are all Ashkenazim partly Sephardi? April 20, 2009

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I theorized before that Ashkenazi Jews must be related to the original Sephardim. People who don’t know Jewish history think of the Sephardim as Jews from Islamic countries. That is wrong. Those Jews are Mizrachi Jews who merely adopted Sephardic traditions. The real Sephardic Jews are West Europeans, and the Ashkenazim are Central and East Europeans (from Germany to Russia).

When Sephardic Jews were expelled from Spain and Portugal, they went to Turkey and Holland. There are still a lot of Sephardim in Turkey, but what happened to all the Dutch Jews like the great philosopher Benedict de Spinoza?

Ashkenazi Jews originated on the Rhine River, somewhere near Cologne and Düsseldorf. The region is right next to Holland, so it’s impossible that the two communities wouldn’t intermarry with each other.

The sudden disappearance of Sephardic Jews in Holland and the simultaneous skyrocketing of the nearby Ashkenazi population could be a coincidence, but that’s far-fetched. Why would the Dutch Jews disappear? Do we really think that the Rhine Jews all had historically unheard of number of children per woman to grow their population so quickly?

It is more likely that the two communities just united.

Take a look at this map from wikipedia (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/e/e3/Cohanim_DNA_migration_.jpg)

It shows Jews migrating to Spain and Portugal, then from there into Central and Eastern Europe. In Iberia, there were no Ashkenazim. In Central and Eastern Europe, there were no Sephardim. If family was in Spain first, then went to Poland, then they must’ve started out as Sephardim and then became Ashkenazim. Not as a matter of genetics, but as a matter of religious tradition.

Today we think of Mizrachi Jews as Sephardim because they adopted their religious traditions. But genetically, Ashkenazi Jews must have more Sephardic blood than do Mizrachi Jews. This is because both Sephardim and Ashkenazim were European Jews who lived right next to each other, while the Mizrachi were in the far-away Middle East and Central Asia.

The last names of people who originated from Iberia are some of the more common Ashkenazi names: Kaplan, Garfinkel, Mazer, Katz, Kohn, Kovacs, Cowan, Coyne, Kahan, Kagan, Cohen, Shapiro. Many of these names originated when the families were already in Central and Eastern Europe (or the British Isles), but the family history lays with Portuguese and Spanish Sephardim.


European Genetic Diversity April 13, 2009

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This is a map of European Genetic Diversity courtesy of the New York Times.

European Genetic Diversity

All the populations are quite similar, but the differences are sufficient that it should be possible to devise a forensic test to tell which country in Europe an individual probably comes from…

Europe has been colonized three times in the distant past, always from the south. Some 45,000 years ago the first modern humans entered Europe from the south. The glaciers returned around 20,000 years ago and the second colonization occurred about 17,000 years ago by people returning from southern refuges. The third invasion was that of farmers bringing the new agricultural technology from the Near East around 10,000 years ago…

The map also identifies the existence of two genetic barriers within Europe. One is between the Finns (light blue, upper right) and other Europeans. It arose because the Finnish population was at one time very small and then expanded, bearing the atypical genetics of its few founders.

The other is between Italians (yellow, bottom center) and the rest. This may reflect the role of the Alps in impeding free flow of people between Italy and the rest of Europe.

The last two things about the Finns and the Italians coincide with my theories in Mapping out the borders of whiteness.

Are Jews White? April 10, 2009

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SA Sucks has a blog today saying that Jews aren’t white based on the genetic maps created by GNXP at http://scienceblogs.com/gnxp/2009/01/how_ashkenazi_jewish_are_you.php.

The information is highly deceptive because the whole human gene pool doesn’t appear there.

Where Jews might be away from others by 0.01 or 0.02, non-whites would be away by several full points.

And why stop where at this map?

The brown color are Americans who aren’t one ethnicity, but rather dozens of different white ethnics. But look at the bottom of this map.

Italians and Basques also don’t overlap. Maybe we should exclude Italians? (Almost nobody overlaps, if you include all the ethnic groups.) This is especially because they too, like Jews, are part of the J Y-DNA haplogroup.

Or maybe we should just stop with Russians, who do not overlap with the Basques? Or consider the gap from Sardinians to Jews and to Orcadians. Sardinians are much, much closer to the Jews than to Orcadians. To classify them as separate race is not only unscientific, it’s anti-scientific.

Notice also that Jews are very close to Europeans and there’s some overlap with American whites, who are actually just European-descended whites, not all whites. There’s no overlap with the Arabs.

But the Arabs, from the science point of view, are also white. Their support for terror does not change the fact that their haplogroups on the mt-DNA side are the same as those of Europe.

To be part of a different race, at the very least a ethnic group must be part of a different race. The haplogroup overlap is so extensive that to argue that people of the same haplogroup are part of different races proves the Left to be correct: race is a social construct. Either we go with biology or race is a social construct where we choose who’s white and who isn’t based on how much we like them.

The Arab Y-DNA is also similar to that of Europeans. Not only do they belong to the same J haplogroup as southern Europeans, but J is actually closer to I (northern Europe) than the West European R-haplogroup.

West European R is actually grouped together with Asian haplogroups, Q, N and O: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haplogroup_I_(Y-DNA)

An argument could legitimately be made that J is “more Caucasian” than R. You can have no doubt that this is how white nationalists would interpret things if J instead of R was grouped with Asians.

I don’t subscribe to that line of reasoning, but R-haplogroup people should really be careful when they judge who’s white and who’s not because scientifically-speaking they are the closest ones to being non-white.

I won’t get into the politics of that blog except to say that if Jews dominated the Soviet Union, then why is it that the list of Jews in power always ends around 1937, during Stalinist purges?

Nor was it the Jews who sponsored the revolution, it was the Germans in hopes of winning World War I. Germany promoted Jewish rights for the same reason the US promotes Women’s Rights around the world, so they helped put Jews in power in 1917. If this was a conspiracy, it was a German Conspiracy.

Jews dominated Russian politics in the 1920s because the former elites were driven out by German-sponsored Communists, and what was left were illiterates with drinking problems. Even prior to the Communist take-over, over 95% of Russians were illiterate and much of the intellectual elite fled when Lenin took over. Russia is also famous for its drinking problem: more vodka is consumed there than in the rest of the world combined.

The Jews were the only ones who were at least somewhat educated and who didn’t spend their days drinking. So it is hardly surprising that they took positions of influence. Who else was supposed to run factories and government agencies?

As soon as a new generation of Russians got educated, Stalin killed all the Jews in power, and hundreds of thousands of others, and the Jews became the nation’s whipping boys.

Anyone with even a cursory knowledge of Soviet politics should know that after 1937 Jews were the lowest caste in the country. It was Jews who organized anti-Soviet demonstrations and it was Jews who promoted capitalist reforms in the Soviet Union.

That was more than I intended to say about the politics of his blog, but needless to say that he should do his research not just on stormfront.