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More on Israeli IQ and Intellectual Accomplishments March 23, 2009

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I wrote before that the estimation that Israel’s IQ is 94 is wrong.

Here’s a video on Israeli achievements. If IQ tests show Israel having a low IQ, it must be a bad test. This may sound really bad, but what I mean is that if a nation can have so many intellectual achievements, it cannot have a low average IQ. But as I argued before, Israel does not have a low IQ, Prof. Lynn just decided to discard the three tests with the highest results and then used two other tests from which he subtracted 2 points.

According to this video, Israel has:

  • The most patents per capita;
  • The most engineers and scientists per capita;
  • The most scientific papers per capita;
  • The second highest book publishing per capita;
  • The most museums per capita;
  • The highest concentration of high-tech companies per capita and second highest in total numbers;
  • One of only 8 nations with a space program;
  • Israel has the world’s largest research center;
  • The most per capita and third overall after US and Canada among companies traded on Wall Street.

Israelis developed the first cell phone, voicemail, text messaging, ICQ instant messangers, network firewalls, Intel Centrino and Pentium 4, the first anti-virus software, the first solar power plant. (A whole bunch of other stuff like phenomenal tanks and nuclear weapons. They are #3 in college degrees and #1 in graduate degrees.)

If you can do all that, how can you possibly have a low IQ? Such claims, while popular in certain corners (the anti-IQ left and the antisemites), are just not credible.

Prof. Lynn should’ve discarded the lone test that showed Israelis with an IQ under 100 (it had an average score of 92) as an outlier. Instead, he discarded three tests showing Israel averaging triple digits, even when including the Arabs and the Sephardim, and then subtracted 2 more points. Such creative math may convince the uninformed, but those who are aware of the above list of Israeli intellectual accomplishments will have trouble believing that it is a low IQ nation.



1. Sleep - March 25, 2009

Im curious. What do you think the average intelligence might be of the following groups:

Jews in Israel of European origin (Ash/Seph or other)
Mizrahi Jews
Palestinian Arabs

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