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Early IQ tests on Jews with low scores March 8, 2009

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There’s a very popular myth that Jews once got low scores on IQ tests, but now do well.

The claim is a lie invented by Stephen Jay Gould who wrote in his book that IQ tests showed that 83% of Jews and 79% of Italians were tested to be “feeble-minded”.

“Could anyone be made to believe that four-fifth of any nation were morons?” argued Gould.

But let us look at what Professor H. H. Goddard actually wrote.

The first sentence in his paper states that, “this is not a study of immigrants in general but of six small highly selected gruops,” leaving out those at either end of the scale who were “obviously” either normal or feeble-minded. (H.H. Goddard, “Mental Tests and the Immigrant,” Journal of Delinquency 2, (1917): 243)

The IQ test was given to adults who have previously been classified as mildly retarded. Of those, about 80% got a “feeble-minded” result on the IQ test. That mildly retarded people would get such a score isn’t surprising.

But what did Prof. Goddard actually write about the Jews?

In 1927, he supervised a Master’s thesis entitled “The Intelligence of Jews compared with Non-Jews”, which was published by Ohio State University Press. In his introduction, Goddard said that it proved that Jews are more intelligent than Gentiles and his conclusion was substantiated by the constant persecution of the Jews, “for we are seldom jealous of our inferiors.”

Prof. Goddard may have been many things, but antisemite he was not. (If anything, he was a Jewish supremacist.) Smearing him and through him all the IQ testers must end.

[You can read more about it in the Affirmative Action Hoax]



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