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Jewish IQ February 28, 2009

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Jewish IQ is usually stated to be one standard deviation above that of Gentile whites, which is about 115. Some estimates are a little lower, some a little higher.

This is Half Sigma‘s breakdown of what this would mean in different IQ groups.

The real breakdown is actually a little different because Jews have a much wider range than whites Gentiles (who in turn have a wider range than Asians). Jews, despite having a higher average IQ, are also more likely than European-Americans to score at the lower end. But in the genius range, they are even more dominant. In the 1950s, New York City conducted a study which sought to find teenagers with IQ of 170 or above. Out of 28 students they found, 24 were Jewish.

A group with a narrow range like the Asians may have a high average IQ, but produce very few Nobel Prize winners. Almost all their people are either average or above average, but few are geniuses or incapable of graduating from school. Jews are the direct opposite. Many Jews have a low IQ, but the reverse side of the coin is the high proportion of Jewish geniuses.

Supposing that Jews are 2% of the population of the United States, and Jews have a median IQ of 115, and gentiles have a median IQ of 100, and both groups have a standard deviation of 15, the following chart shows the percentage of Jews at various IQ breakpoints:

Gentiles Jews
Entire pop. 98% 2%
IQ > 100 96.7% 3.3%
IQ > 115 94.0% 6.0%
IQ > 130 87.5% 12.5%
IQ > 145 74.4% 25.6%

Jews, despite their tiny population, would naturally be a much larger percentage of people in careers that require high IQs. This would be even further distorted if Jews had a cultural tendency to prefer certain types of careers over others, such as writing over hard science.

Writing Hollywood screenplays is a very highly g-loaded task, thus Jewish people comprise a very high percentage of screenplay writers. Stand-up comedy also seems to be highly g-loaded.

With the exception of folk rock, pop music is not so highly g-loaded so Jews aren’t as disproportionately represented among pop musicians.

Just as there’s not a white conspiracy keeping blacks from scoring well on the SAT, there is not a Jewish conspiracy keeping gentiles from writing screenplays. It’s just about the distribution of IQ.

Now take a look at Arthur Hu’s Jewish Spectrum.

By Population Ratio
Ratio Average=1.00
60.00 Time 20th Cent Top 20 (worldwide)
23.00 Westinghouse Science Talent Search
15.00 Supreme Court Law Clerk
13.00 US Law School Professor
12.00 ACM Turing Awards
10.00 Ivy League doc\94\13\ivypoll.wk1
7.14 Clinton Cabinet
7.00 McArthur Awards
6.89 Time 1997 Top 25
5.8 CA Congress 1992
5.35 UCLA ’91 Jews at high selective colleges
5.00 Pulitzer Prize
5.00 US Senator
4.80 Graduate Degree Nat Jewish Pop Surv
4.47 US Congress 1992
3.80 Fortune CEO 4-28-86
2.65 College Grad+
2.25 Liberal
2.00 Abortion always legal
1.85 Incomes over $40,000
1.80 Voted in 1994 congress race
1.70 Per capita Income Dale Warner / Thomas Sowell
1.95 Democrat Kosmin ’91
1.75 Democratic
1.12 2002 National Jewish Commitee Survey household income
1.05 Some College
-1.75 Conservative
-1.85 Republican
-1.92 Women 30-34 with children 52% vs 27%
-2.38 For Republican House
-2.75 Not registered to vote
-2.95 Income under $20,000 1988 LA Times
-3.25 HS Dropout
-5.2 Voted 96 Republican President



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