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Why Study Jewish Genes? February 27, 2009

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The blog will hopefully deal with a lot of different ethnic groups. Right now I am beginning with Jews and consider such study essential.

There are several reasons for this.

For religious reasons and due to anti-Semitism (such as segregation into the Jewish ghetto and the Pale of Settlement), Jews have been isolated genetically from other populations. Even when a Jew married a Gentile, the children were more likely to join the dominant majority rather than a persecuted minority. The lack of outside genetic inflow makes Jews a gold-mine in the study of ethnicity.

Jews are also distinct in several ways. Ashkenazi Jews also score the highest IQ of any ethnicity, with estimates ranging from 107 to 117 (half to full standard deviation). On the flip side of the coin is the lack of Jewish athletes, false myths about the Golden Age of Jewish Athleticism notwithstanding.

It is also less taboo to discuss Jews than others. Jews have a higher IQ than Gentiles passes much easier than whites have a higher IQ than  blacks.

And finally, while rank and file Jews usually acknowledge, at least in private, their intelligence and lack of athleticism, it is also the leftist Jews such as Stephen Rose, Gerald Dworkin and Richard Lewontin who’ve led the offensive of Lysenkoism (genes don’t matter, one can always adjust to become Albert Einstein or Tiger Woods) against evolution and genetics.

The funny thing is that there’s more information on Jewish genetics than on anyone else.

And to answer the question that I will surely face as to whether I am “some kind of Nazi” for writing about Jewish genetics: No, I am not a Nazi. The Nazis made it illegal to study intelligence differences because Jews outscored the Aryans. Sure they misused science in other ways. But that some people misuse science and turn it into political pseudo-science isn’t a reason to suppress the spread of legitimate information.

The second question I expect is that Jews aren’t a race or an ethnicity, but a religious group. This is false. Jews are both, but because the religious group and the ethnic group overlap more than 90% of the time, many English-speakers do not realize that there is a difference. In the Hebrew language, however, there are two words for it: ivri (Hebrew), meaning ethnic Jew and yehud (Jew), meaning a believer in Judaism. For obvious reasons, I will be concerned with Jews as an ethnicity rather than religion.



1. latte island - March 3, 2009

This is exactly what I want to read. I’ll add you to my blogroll as soon as the liberals get out of my workspace.

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