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The Study of Race and Ethnicity February 27, 2009

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Races exist. and so do ethnicities within races. It’s that simple. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Emperor has just been pronounced naked.

You don’t have to believe me, you can see it yourself. Many may fall for the Politically Correct dogma that tells you not to believe “your lying eyes”, but have no fear of your own common sense.

Race isn’t about skin color. A black albino isn’t part of the Caucasian race. Race is the result of tens of thousands of years of evolution, and it effected everything about you: your nose, your hair, your hormones, your brain, your disease predisposition. Those telling you not to believe “your lying eyes” tell you that evolution only effected the things you can see such as hair and skin. That is only because they cannot lie and tell you that skin color, nose shape and hair texture is the same since you can see every day that it really is different. But the politically correct tell you that everything you can’t see is the same. Does that seem believable? Why would evolution change your hair, but not your hormones? Your skin, but not your brain? What sense does that make?

Studies of course show that there are differences between races and ethnicities, even for those qualities one cannot see. These differences aren’t universal, but a cluster of qualities (and genes) will show a person to be within a particular race and ethnicity. A white person may have curly hair. That doesn’t make him black because all his other features will be more consistent with the Caucasian race.

Nor is ethnicity only about one’s citizenship. A Russian living in France is still an ethnic Russian and not an ethnic Frenchman. He may be loyal to France, but he will still have Russian DNA, and therefore he will look Russian, he will have predisposition to diseases common among Russians, and so on.

Environment surely matters, but it’s not everything. Your genes matter more than environment, as studies on separated identical twins as well as unrelated children adopted by the same parents have shown.

This will be the blog that will document just such studies.



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